Too many choices, can you make it easy on me?

Happy to help, the FAVORITES Gallery has a curated selection with some of the  popular, bestselling images. You can also sit back with a cup of tea and watch a  SLIDESHOW to get inspired and find YOUR favorite!

What are most popular sizes?

12 x 18 , 16 x 16, 24 x 36 are three of the most popular sizes. Contact us if you have a request for a larger or special size. I've done 40 x 60 metal prints that clients rave about,  changing the feel of a room. The larger prints really can have impact, but it really depends on what will suit your room. You can send a photo of the space you are looking to fill and we can discuss. 
I also really like 18x18 square for ready-to-hang metal-prints, contact me if you're interested.

In my profession I use a lot of wall art

Please contact me directly so we can find appropriate pricing and images  that work well for your needs.

What print surface do you recommend? 

The fine art paper we use is world-class and makes for a refined, rich print, deep in color tone and nuance. With the metal prints, the image is fused onto aluminum, with a subtle, low-reflectivity matte-satin finish. These are ready to hang, it is a wonderful option (and it's often how I choose to show work in my studio and home). See the REVIEWS

What is the Back-Story behind these photographs?

There are often fun stories behind the making of these photographs, check out my STORIES page (new section-soon to be online)

What is a 'Metal Print'?

With the metal print, the image is fused onto aluminum, with a subtle, low-reflectivity matte satin finish.
These are ready to hang, saving time and the cost of framing,  it is a bold, wonderful option.

Can I view all the images at one time?

Sure, click this link, VIEWALL

Do you have reviews or recommendations, can I leave feedback?

I want my clients to be thrilled, to forever change their walls for the better. 
Some client feedback and REVIEWS HEREAnd each image page has a place for you to leave comments.

If you have comments or questions you can CONTACT Jed Share  directly.

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